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Well heres a few of what i did today. worked from 1, after class till 8 tonight and grabbed a few pics. did 6 lawns and a small clean up, the protero is a nice product, and paired with the JRCO dethatches kick ass.

I picked up this lawn right across the street from the one in my first pics. i love them.

I cut this lawn on tuesday and did a clean up

99 Cummins
01 Cummins-9'2" Boss Power VXT + 14' B&B
02 Super Duty -8' western Pro Plow w/ wings 1.5yd Salt Dogg
06 Cummins Dually Flatbed
05 Triton 20' Enclosed
11' Kubota ZD326P (03) 60"-Perfection.
60" JRCO Dethatcher
Protero PV18

08 Lazer HP (01) 50" Sold
09 Viking (02) 48"
Stihl BR600's
Stihl Whips + Edgers
Stihl Saws


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