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Sticky Predicament with local competitor - any thoughts?

OK guys, this is a tough one. I had an issue with this same gentleman a couple seasons ago and chose to keep my mouth shut at that time. I am wondering what you guys think about this now.

I do business in a small town (6K people). I am the only individual lic. Turf and Ornamentals applicator in town. I can prove this through the MDA website which is always current. At any rate, I was in my garage today, prepping some equipment when my local competitor (from same town) pulls up to the set of townhomes down the street from my house and starts dethatching and bagging the lawn. He then does my neighbor right across the street. Peeves me a little that he is doing biz in my neighborhood but I already knew this was happening for several years now. Here is the kicker - he gets out his spreader and spreads fert+pre on both lawns. Now I am pretty ticked, as I know for a FACT that this guy is not lic. for either fertilizer apps NOR pesticide applications (for the pre). He did not flag the lawns, nor did he drop an app record at anyone's door.

The final nail: the guy across the street from me wanted me to do his lawn again this year, 4 apps for the season. I did the same program last year.
My neighbor claims he just wanted my competitor to dethatch NOT apply fert. Said he was going to call him to find out what is going on. One caveat: my neighbor and my competitor are buddies, but still to take another guy's biz out from underneath??

How should I handle the illegal apps guys? Put yourself in my shoes: I do biz in a small town so does he. He has a name in town...I do not. I started my biz with a 21" and two lawns 4 years ago. If I squeal on him, I risk getting my name dirtied around town, you know what I mean? And just for side info, I have more business right now than this guy ever hopes to have, so I am not scared cause he is some sort of 'big player' in the lawn industry or something.

Pure facts are, I pay around $200 in lic. fees every year PLUS the continuing ed costs, then to put up with this, and stealing a customer too yet???

Any help would be appreciated, thx.
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