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Importance of Backing up Files

Last week my laptop couldn't get online. I spent about 8 hrs one night on the phone between Dell and Microsoft, we couldn't do anything to get it online at all, and they said I would have to restore the laptop to factory settings and I would loose all my files and programs. I tried to copy all of the files to a removable hard drive but what ever was affecting my wifi was also blocking my USB ports. With out the USB ports or WIFI I couldn't connect to my office printer to print off files. Tried saving files to a CD but that was being blocked to. Thought I was completely screwed, but luckily I have a Bluetooth printer mounted in my truck that worked with it. The next day I brought it to two different computer repair guys and neither one could get any files off of it other than through the blue tooth printer.

So the next two days I spent over 14 hrs and over $150 on ink printing off every single document I had on the computer. I never realised how much I had on here, and am now looking at a week of scanning and formatting the documents back into the computer. Luckily Quickbooks was set to backup every night. I now have the whole computer set to backup to the removable hard drive everyday. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost everything.
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