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Originally Posted by oviedo View Post
By the way I have a 4 gallon backpack sprayer is that going to be able to do the trick. It's a bit of a pain right now trying to kill the lawn, or I should say going slow. Doesn't help that the kids have baseball games almost every night.

I also have a batting cage in the back that gets a bit sloppy because getting a mower in there is a pain. So I weed wack, maybe something like this chemical mowing would be better than moving the net around and weed whacking. The grass in their gets very little sun and it's very sandy.

Fence Lines and other Weed Wacker areas can be controlled by Chemical Mowing with Roundup IF you accept a little brown out once and a while. Remember I said this was not for fine turf only Utility turf. Fine Turf Growth Regulator like Primo are super expensive for Bahia at 33oz per acre label rate. BTW the St Augustine rate is only 4.5 to 6.5 oz per acre.

Roundup Chemical mowing is the cheapest start up cost. However I have other chemicals that cost a small fortune per gallon but are even cheaper per acre than Roundup or generic Roundup. They also work better and longer. But once again Utility Turf only.


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