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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Until recently a sod knife or a small pvc pipe saw was our tool of choice for cutting / shaping sod.

But late last year my workers came up with an idea that works really great. Maybe a lot of you already do this, I don't know. All I've ever seen landscapers around here do is cut it with knives or saws. Anyway, my construction crews asked me to buy them a stick edger that they could use for cutting shaping sod during an install. Like the ones our maintenance crews use for hard edges.

Turns out, with the stick edger, they can cut / shape a lawn in 1/4 the time that they used to. I never would have thought of that but it's been a great investment. Big time savings, especially on larger lawns.

I just thought I'd pass on the idea. If you haven't tried it - give it a shot next time. My workers swear by it. I can see it saves them a ton of time. And the cut lines look just as smooth as they always have. It's a great method to cut / shape sod.
Thats been common practice forever...

Just curious hows those cigars???
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