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You have a neighbor down the street. He's a bootlegger. He's selling booze to anyone who's got the money. He's even selling to teenagers. You know this because you've seen people come and go. They arrive with nothing and leave with a bottle in a brown paper sack.

Do you:
A. Let it slide. People just want to unwind every so often. Besides, he's a lot closer than the liquor store. He's just making a little money on the side to supplement his income.

B. Call the authorities and let them handle it. What he's doing is illegal. Someone could get hurt or even killed. Do you want to read in the newspaper about a kid that died and you might have been able to stop it but didn't.

The decision is yours...
"The Poor Fish" circa 1930's: The Poor Fish wouldn't have been caught if he'd known enough to keep his fool mouth shut.

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"- Thomas Edison, businessman/inventor
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