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Thanks for the review and pics. Good looking machine.

Just curious what other mowers (brands, sizes) you are running or have run so we can get a base line as to what you're comparing the Pro Turn to.

Some questions I have are, how heavy or light did the deck lift feel? It looks like the seating may be higher than some which may be unavoidable to incorporate the air seat system. Or maybe it looks more like this due to being a 52"/smaller machine. I'm probably more use to looking at the 60" units and larger. Were you able to try it out on any hills or banks? Compared to Hustler SZs I've been running most recently, It looks like the engine is placed farther back in the frame. Another words, there is more sticking out from behind the back wheels. I wonder if it would feel lighter in the front end, or cause any issues with a bagger? Would you recommend opting for the full pneumatic tires to improve the ride even more? Any negatives? So far all I'm hearing is good.

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