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Hokie- It is mainly Humates with several specialize microbes which to me sounded a lot like Holganix but with more studies and research and microbes. But costs about half of what Holganix was going to charge me plus no extras expenses like refrigeration of product when not using it. SumaGreen Turf is easy to use with no need for changing of spraying tips like my buddy had to do with Holganix. Cost is about 30 cents per 1000 sq/ft with the use of no fertilizer. I have used with a recommendation of of of their LCO's a 1/8 pound of fertilizer with 2 oz on the first treatment. But he was very clear DO NOT use any more fertilizer as I will not need it. After seeing what I have already done I am going to do some playing with it on some lawns with the 1/8 pound , 1/4 pound and NO fertilizers with 2 oz per 1000 sq/ft. Then the second treatment I am going to go 2 oz on everything with NO fertilizers and then cut it back to 1 oz per 1000 sq/ft. I mean the cost is so cheap that I would rather do that for the long haul. I already told several of my customers that I was gong to be using more natural products and the Green up may be slower and they had NO PROBLEM with that. I was actually shocked but they were more concerned I was going to raise prices since I was using a more natural product in all reality I could lower their price due to the costs inputs.

Ted- Of course I was the same way but so far on new seeds becuase I was doing it in a control area not a lawn right now everything seems to be working fine. I will be more then happy even if they perform the same as fertilizer and Holganix. The cost is about half of both product that I use and if it can also cut the other stuff like the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides even just in half this product is well worth it. I think it not only pays for itself but I am actually looking forward to seeing how it will preform during the drought like the guy told me.

My buddy using Holganix told me he was spending on average over 80 cents per treatment and actually had extra cost becuase of refrigeration. But time was also a factor becuase of having to change the spraying tips since they had to be different tips then what he was using for the pesticides.

Personally I really like the SumaGreen Turf and unless they truly tank on me which so far does not look like they will I am going to probably go with it full time during the second treatment on my lawns.
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