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Originally Posted by gravelyman50 View Post
hello, i am currently in the lawn care and landscaping industry and my father in law has ten acres that he currently has leased out to farmers and he said we could start a nusery on the property if i wanted to.

What i am mainly interested in is growing a bunch of differnet varieties of pine and shade trees, even some ornamental trees but mainly want to sell 6' and up. 2-3" caliper trees and up. And i do realize this is going to be a llloooong wait to get some return money wise considering the trees will take at least 5 maybe 7 years before they can even be dug and sold. There is a creek that constanly runs water in the back of property so thats not a problem.

I guess my question is where do i buy my pines and shade trees? Is there a good place online they you guys order from? I am new to the nusery thing and have a lot to learn, but am willing to.
We started a tree farm in 2000. Count on a full seven years at least with pine and spruce for a sale in that size.

We bought most of our seedlings from A local nursery with quality stock of many varieties. We also bought plug seedlings from a university forestry extension. Those plugs were the best seedlings I had ever put in the ground.

Do not over fertilize. Keep the weeds down for the first few years as they REALLY hinder seedling growth and shape. This can be done by tillage, spraying and picking by hand. There is also a host of bugs and fungus and some molds you will have to monitor for also....

Its a long term deal.... And with the turn in the market that happened a few years back, just as we had big, beautiful spruce for sale we LEASED out all the digging instead of buying the equipment ourselves. Its not easy deal but when other things fell off, the trees kept us going.
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