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Originally Posted by TriCountyLawn View Post
Ah nice, I pretty much bag every thing I do and have thought about using a loader all the time. Ive mowed with a walker style toro, exmark , and dixie choppers 3 bag systems. I don't know what rider I will get this time around. However Ive envisioned a dump with the leaf loader located under the bed (think tool box location). So that using a vac is always an option. Without the hassle of the swing mounts and stuff.
I have thought of the side mount in the past but, you will still have to go through some work to dump. The only other system that works well is to mount in front of the dump. A friend of mine had it custom made for himself. It works great but, you lose a least 2 ft of bed space.

What I have does not interfer with the trailer and you just pull 1 pin and swing the vac to dump. One man operation.
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