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Originally Posted by Tha5150 View Post
and all i have is a 44" dixie with no bagging system. a friend gave me this lead cause he has no time and i am just starting out, still in the "i will do anything" faze. he quoted her $500 and she wasnt completely sold until i said i would blower her entire roof off and do an extra corner that she had not bothered with.

anyways, i am 99% i can get this job at $500 or $450 worst case. problem is, i will not rake all this. good thing, there is a burn site in her back yard where she wants everything dumped so there is no removal.

i have tried to find a place to rent a riding leaf vaccum or something with no luck. and i said i have no bag so what is my next best option.

A. you guys tell me some great simple way to get this done in 3 hours by myself with something i dont know about

B. rake myself and or hire someone to help ($10 type help at the local store) and hate everything about the job the 15 hours it takes to finish and try to kill myself on the job.

C. Sorry ma'am, not going to happen. good luck....
So, what did you end up doing and what did you learn?
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