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Originally Posted by grassmastersLC View Post
definitely understand charging more for bagging. we have a few yards in really nice neighborhoods where it is almost mandatory to bag it but im not sure how they would feel about us raising the price $15 just for that? thoughts?
The way I see it is, it's going to take me more time to do the job, I'll need to dump, and then dispose of the clippings. My tine is valueable, Your time is valuable. Make sure you are getting what is fair to yourself. I'm higher priced, I'm not doing every yard in town but I make a good profit on the ones I do. Best thing to do is talk face to face with your customer and try to explain it. It works best for me. Give it a shot. The ones that don't want to get bagged I try to get them on a 5 day cut to keep clippings manageable. Sometimes if they have been a good customer I let a 10 charge sneak in, only on smaller yards though.
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