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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
I wish I could delete that last post of mine!
I asked a friend to do some google searching for me and it turns out my site is doing cr@p!
I did some "Private Browsing," my site barely rates a mention! Im on first or second page but know where near doing as well as I thought!

Anyway, jst thought I should correct the bad info I gave.

I did learn something though, google really mess's with search. What you/I search isnt necessarily what others will see. Not impressed with that!

If you really want to see how your site performs do some Private Browsing!

one thing that will get you closer to the top is the NUMBER OF HITS. If you get a lot of hits you move up. Linking to other like sites helps to increase hits. If you post your website here on LS and people clink on it, your hit count goes way up.

BTW once you post your website you give up some privacy.


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