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I feel your pain, In nov/11 I was working on year end qb items and my hard drive failed a blue screen appeared and the room filled with smoke. The hard drive started melting down literally, I sent it off to company and after 3 weeks of clean rooms and other vudu experiments they could only retrieve 3 complete files. I had qb and hindsite backed up each day to a external hard drive but I lost everything else. It took me 2 months of searching through old emails to restore most of the info. It sucked!!!!

The hard drive failed in this mannor-----The hard drive has a driver arm that extends over it. There are "fingers" that extend down from the driver arm to write the information on the drive well one of those failed and fell out it then dislodged other ones and scratched the hard drive. The tech working on it said it looked as though someone took a screwdriver to it and scratched it real good. Or at least this is how the tech described it. Oh and they wanted to charge me $1200 for those 3 files.
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