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Also with square they charge more if you manually enter the card numbers instead of swiping. They also hold the funds for upto a month if you manually enter them. Basically because with manually entering there is a larger chance of fraud or the customer denying payment as compared to swiping. You can talk to their sales department and explain the nature of your business and they will make exceptions to this, they did for us. We had a document drawn up by my attorney that the customers can sign to allow us to make monthly manually entered charges. Squareup's attorneys had to approve the form. But now we don't have to wait the 30days for payment, and only pay .1% higher for manually entering over swiping. When I showed squareup the rates I was paying another processing company they also brought their rates down to beat the other company. As far as the authorization forms the customer signs for this, we keep them on file and if a situation does arise, we then will have to provide them to squareup.
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