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Originally Posted by Scobra View Post
From Danvers, in the Fert business for about 9 years. Work the North Shore mainly, residential and corporate properties. Has anyone found that the MA regulations on pesticide and other material disclosures to customers are getting more and more restricting? I work with landscapers as well, and it is getting increasingly difficult to get the job done without spending an extra 20 minutes at each site documenting each product I use each time.
I know you posted this question a month ago. But the regulations aren't that bad if you set up your invoicing for it. We already had our copy of the invoice set up with a checklist of 99% of the products we use. We would simply check off the ones we used and right down the amount used at each stop so that we could then quickly add it into the computer each week for records. Now that check list is simply printed on the customers copy as well. I have been toying with switching to a carbon copy system that would streamline the process further.
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