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Chapter 2

My neighbor "Wadley" was always trying to make a buck. During the snowy Minnesota Winters he dragged me out to shovel driveways. His technique was for us each to take a shovel and walk the neighborhood after a snowfall. We would knock on the doors of the homes that had yet to be shovelled. I dont recall what we charged but I think it was a dollar each. Those driveways during sixth grade were my first taste of money, and work.

Wadley coninued his quest for the dollar. He would buy candy and gum from the store, then sell it by the piece at the elementary school. It was actually pretty genius. He continued his little enterprise through Junior High. He always had money, I occasionally had money.

During the Summers he came up with another idea I became interested in. Aluminum cans. We found the mother load at the local Holiday Inn. We would climb into the dumpster and remove every aluminum can, crush it and haul it back home in bags on our bicycles. We also had the largest collection of adult magazines in the County! We collected the aluminum for three Summers, probably earning around $100 each per Summer. We ended our dumpster diving once we entered High School and could land real jobs.
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