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C'Mon Smallaxe, we did this in another thread.

First, herbicides fall under pesticides as do insecticides and fungicides.....that is covered in the 101 class

second you need a license to apply any pesticide for commercial use (for money) and it also includes the idiots that apply it for "free" with a full service contract, because technically it is not "free" as they need to pay for the grass cutting to get the "free" service, therefore, it is not "free" but "included"

third, there is now a certification to apply any fertilizer, and the application of fertilizer is restricted to the dates of April 1 to Dec 1.

The fertilizer certification is in addition to the pesticide license. We are waiting on final word on how the county level laws will be superseded by the new state level law. but currently I cannot renew my home improvement license without the fertilizer certificate (dont get me started on the home improvement license, as that is in additon the both the pesticide and fertilizer laws)

So in conclusion, if milorginate is registered as a fertilizer, then yes you need a certification to apply it.

Compost, topsoil, compost tea are currently not registered as fertilizers, therefore exempt......poulty manure is exempt unless it is manipulated, which means that if it is composted and put into a form that is able to be put into a spreader it is considered a fertilizer, but if you scoop it out of the coop and throw it on a lawn with a shovel you are exempt.

Shall we continue or should we just say, it's ridiculous and NY is just making up sh!t to tax the small business into oblivion.
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