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Scored this snow blower for next to nothing ..i mean next to nothing. Dumped out the old gas put new in , cleaned off the spark plug and while it kinda surged while it ran it ran till the gas was out. Seemed to have alright compression. Win ? Maybe

Also got insured today and bid on a 8 duplex site. Got my rough number from google earth and called them back just to make sure I was in the ball park and not wasting my time going over there and the prev guy was half my price exactly. However im pretty sure I sold it to the wife but shes got to talk to hubby ....oh boy.

Went to hook up the brake controller and both my aux power outs at the fuse box are used by the strobe light installed in the truck. And dammed if I can find that orange and blue wire by the firewall......its always something.
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