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Another day another broken mower I have no idea what i have done to the landscaping gods but the metro today doesnt want to run once i engage the blades but i did get some new stihl equipment. I borrow my friends scag to finish my last 2 yards. Getting a new mower Wendsday a 2008 Exmark Lazer 60in 25hp Koehler and 778hrs and a bigger trailer a Big Tex 70R i think its called if remember but its a 83in by 14ft with high sides and a basket. my parents said there gonna help giving the problem with my friend and then this mower breaking. All together ill spend about 6500 or so and will be paying 600 month to them. Although i know alot of people on here batter people who get parents help, i think its a better option than a loan from a bank. The stihl equipment is a FS 110R and a BR600. The last one is me from 2 summers ago in my nice suit we have to wear at one of our contracts im on the left
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