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Looks good!

Overall, I really like the look and feel of your site! I see that it looks like you hired someone to design your site? If that is the case and you aren't very educated in web design, you made the right choice! The website may arguably be one of the first impressions a potential customer gets from your business. I like that it is simple and to the point.

I tried your website on my smartphone and it loaded very fast and all the features of your site worked on it which is excellent!

A couple of recommendations:
  1. Shorten your meta descriptions
    Your current description:
    A Cut Above Landscaping is an owner operated full-service landscaping company that provides quality service. We are customer focused and are passionate about building a personal relationship with you. We deliver custom landscape solutions by listening to you and utilizing creativity and innovation so that you can be truly confident that your vision will become a reality. Our landscape designs will complete any home or businesses exterior style and character. We create beautiful, comfortable, and affordable outdoor areas for entertaining friends, clients and families. We buy our materials from select top quality suppliers to insure premium quality products at a fair and affordable price. Just remember if you give a weed an inch itíll take a yard. We provide all services to Lynchburg, Forest, Bedford and Campbell Counties. Whether you have questions about fertilization, weed control, or just general lawn questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to help, and information is always free.
    FYI, When someone finds your site in google, the description meta tag is what will be shown under your page title. It only will show a few hundred characters, so you have to try to keep it short and prioritize what you say first. Here is an example of my description in Google that was cut off by a few words.
  2. Keywords!
    I see your off to a good start, but you want to add more relating to your service area. You want to include all your cities you service by name, Townships you service, zip codes, counties, your state abbreviated and spelled out, your phone number, everything you can think of! Get creative. NOTE: Search engines are beginning to rely less and less on keywords for ranking and shifting more towards your description and page content. I would still add keywords, but also make sure they pop up in your site content.
  3. If possible, add your address in the footer of every page and maybe even your service area. Search engines will pick up that and it will help you in the rankings.
  4. I see you have a contact form on your contact page, that is great! I have one too! But I also provide my actual work email address, and mailing address in addition to the contact form. I understand you may want to hide your email to avoid spam, but some people like to email people directly versus filling out a form. It gives a better first impression of your customer service. Besides, thats what spam filters and spam boxes are for to help sort some of that stuff out!
  5. I saw that you have a specials page which is great! Just a recommendation, you may want the coupon images to link to a printable pdf coupon that has the coupon image and more importantly, the terms and conditions of the coupon! Don't leave it so open-ended like that, it will come back to haunt you! things to include would be:
    Residential properties only
    Recipient must reside within our service area.
    ONE per household per year
    No cash value
    (Company name) has the right to decline or discontinue promotion without notice.

That should be enough to get you started. Again, I really like the site but those are just a few recommendations I came up with.
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