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Thank you for your inquiry Gregg. We had hoped to proceed and obtain IP ratings for all of our LED lamps. So far we have only done this with our new PAR36 LED lamps, which carry an IP68 rating.

As we have continued to develop and introduce to market many new products over the past year or so, our focus on IP ratings on our full lamp line has taken a back seat to other developments such as introducing our new 2X Bright LED MR16, the new PAR36 line, and a soon to come new G4 Directional BiPin lamp. We have also been busy pursuing Lighting Facts certification / participation for our LED lamps.

All of this has kept us very busy as you might imagine! We still stand behind all of our LED lamps knowing that they have been designed specifically for use in outdoor lighting systems where they will be subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Our lamps are moisture resistant, offering fully encapsulated drivers, and conformal coating / sealant on all of the LED chip assemblies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any other questions or inquiries.

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