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Originally Posted by Landscraper1 View Post
I haven't tried the new vac yet but, the former vacs were great. I really think that they could not make them any better. They had the best vac in the industry and now they change it dramatically. If you notice closely at the pics, I have a Hustler vac with a Protero container. An incredible, but expensive, combination. I have tried the Protero vac with no good results. The new Hustler vac looks alot like the Proteros. They went from a horizontal impeller to a vertical. I'm not happy.
Impressive. But when all these guys strive to be in your place I don't think they understand the pressure, headaches etc.. They should shadow you for a week to really see what it's like. I was at my biggest much smaller than you are now and it nearly killed me. Sometimes smaller is better and surprisingly more profitable
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