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New Grass and Dimension

I planted new grass seed 3 or 4 weeks ago and it has start coming up pretty nicely. Of course, I'm new to the whole lawn renovation and lawn care thing, so it may not be as great as what a professional would say. Anyways, I'm wondering how soon I can put down some Lesco 19-0-6 .15% Dimension without it harming the new grass. I've already mowed the new stuff once and it held up very well(from what I can tell)

Also, I've read in many different places that after applying a fertilizer its important to water your lawn to allow the pelts to get down into the soil to allow them to work. I'm a new homeowner and don't want to/can't afford to water my lawn every day, so I'm wondering how often I should water for it to be effective? I assume the spring isn't as vital as in the middle of summer, but is once a week adequate, twice a week?

Thank in advance for any help!
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