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Missed your update. Mine has been in for 21 months. I have decided that I can live with the fungal issues that plague it through the summer and early fall. I have sprayed it once or twice with fungicide, but for the most part I let it do what it wants. The funny thing is, all fungus has occurred in full sun. In the partial shaded area it has never had a single problem.

You learn that it is slow to recover if it gets to a certain point, so I don't like to let it dry out. Floratam, you can get away with it. Semi-dwarfs, don't try it. Captiva is no exception.

Growth is fastest March to June with normal watering. But from July 2010 to December 2011, I think I cut it a grand total of 15 times.

It seemed slow to send out runners in the beginning, but I have successfully grown a tray of plugs from one single sprig in about 6 months (late May to December) with no special attention. The first 3 months were a bit slow covering, but the next 3 they moved out pretty good. I currently have 8 more trays planted from my own plugs, and will start 8 more this month. I plugged a corner of my backyard with Sapphire, and I intend to do another, bigger section with my home-grown Captiva plugs. Seems a good candidate with it's partial shade.

BTW, I felt confident enough in it to put down some Captiva sod in lawn other than mine about 6 weeks ago. I told her of the potential issues, but she loved the color and the idea of it not growing 6 inches in 6 days in the summer. Most of her lawn is bahia, but she wanted stepping stones leading from the drive to the back garden. We basically used the sod to surround the stones to so they would not be sitting above the grade. So it's about a 6' wide by 60' long strip of really nice sod sitting in a sea of bahia. The lawn routinely floods out during hard rains. The strip of sod should also create a barrier to keep water from rushing toward the bed and floating mulch away.
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