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Originally Posted by The Toro Company View Post
Make sure the mower is being operated at a speed suitable for the conditions. At higher speeds, the intensity of the bumps can increase with speed on rough terrain and a slower speed may help smooth out the rough ride. Once the suspension seat is installed this will also smooth out some of those bumps.

On a side-note, we do show the Deluxe Suspension Seat in stock.
Much like the original poster in this thread, I too have a Toro Z-Master G3 74925 that, in comparison to other manufacturers, has a very rough ride on normal tall fescue lawns. I've slowed the speed down to the point of inefficiency and set the lower tire pressure as advised. And it is still very rough.

I just called the Toro Commercial Customer Support number and was told there was no advice on ways to alleviate this condition nor any documented problem regarding this model. I was given the part number for the Deluxe Suspension Seat (117-6174) but was then told it's not available in the store. I recently read many Toro dealers were automatically upgrading to the deluxe seats as a dealer incentive on these models.

What is the current stock status of this seat? Cost? And, are there new suggestions (other than to slow down) to help address the ride?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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