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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Have not tried them yet. Still holding off as long as possible to make that purchase.

Track price isn't bad, it's just the fact I want to replace the sprockets also when I do the tracks. That's what's going to shoot the price up.

That and I had to drop some coin on other purchases this spring.

How do you like your rubbertrax? I know that there is two-three different lug patterns offered through them. Didn't know if you've had any better luck with the vibration. My theory is that it's not necessarily the track causing the vibration, but also coupled with the sprocket and the way it rides.

I ended up selling the machine that had the rubbertrax on it. Never really got a chance to try the tracks out on turf before I sold it. I guess I didn't notice much vibration.

I just ordered a set of the prowler turf tracks. should arive today or tomorrow. Hope to have on by next week. Will report on how they work.
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