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Originally Posted by jau250 View Post
I am a college student at Virginia tech and have had a small landscaping business for two years now. I am doing an internship this summer through a big company and may even work for them after i graduate. Or i may go back to my business. I have had the opportunity to grow my company but haven't because of being in school and stuff.
I Know this will very but i am wondering.
How long did it take you to grow your company?
A brief description on what you have done and how long did it take to net 50. 75, and $100,000.
How much money would it be worth it to you to make coming out of college rather than have taking the chance and investing in starting a business?
Any other advise for me?
Green industry in general - good company 10% net, great company 15% net. How long would it take for you to get to 1,000,000 in revenue? 10 years? So in ten years your paying yourself a fair market wage netting 100k to reinvest back into the company - you have 6 or 7 trucks/crews going out each day - your wearing alot of hats and times are stressful but you have learned to have documented processes along the way - you have become connected in your community by serving on a local board or donating time to a worthy cause and those relationships are paying off in referrals - you are having annual and quarterly strategy meetings that clarify your vision and align your team - you project 40% growth for the next year and you wonder how can we fulfill those commitments - your hiring key people to run divisions and the stress of adding management infrastructure before you can really afford it keeps you up at 3am - you push through to 5,000,000 in revenue and are paying yourself a salary of 150k while dropping 500k to the bottom line - the business is fully capitalized, you have 3 months of operating expenses set aside, nothing on your line of credit and taking distributions that allow you to buy the 500k lake cabin and boat you always thought was out of reach......
Have that entrepreneurial spirit and don't be afraid to go make a mark!
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