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Arrow Lawn applicators: What spring pre emergent do you use now?

I couldnt fit the entire question into the title, so here it is....

Do you use lawn pre emergent for grassy or broadleaf weeds in your region at all?

What spring pre-emergent crabgrass control do you use these days, and do you do single or split applications? How much effectiveness do you get from whatever product you use these days?

I'm not sure if it's crabgrass that is a problem in the late spring and summer in every region of the US(probably not), and if crabgrass isnt the problem in your area in the late spring-summer, do you use lawn pre-emergents to control something else?

I live in the DE, Pa, Md, NJ area, and I started working in the lawn service industry for a large national company back in 1988-1996, with a 2 year hiatus from 1992-1994. Throughout that time, we did 2 split apps of Team(Benefin+Trifluralin) each spring, and truth be told, it worked well.

Then in about 1996 or so, they began selling Dimension in supply stores, but most still sold Pre-M, Team, etc. I believe Barricade and Tupersan were available at that time too.

Some or most of these products claim to also give pre emergent control of other weeds as well, both grassy and broadleaf, but I've never really been able to see any significant control of anything other than a couple grassy weeds, but mostly crabgrass.

But then they stopped carrying Team, and really started pushing Dimension, claiming it did a better job, and was better for the environment because it used less actual chemical, which is why Dimension is best mixed with fertilizer with a small prill size, for better coverage. Dimension supposedly gives some post emergent control of crabgrass as well. But the conditions needed for it to control post emergently are rare.

I honestly cant say that Dimension put down in split apps does any better than Team around here, and its more expensive. In fact, on some lawns, it seems that Dimension lacks some effectiveness.

But I was recently told by a new dealer that Barricade will do at least as good a job as Dimension with only 1 application, maybe better. But obviously that 1 application would have to be put down at a higher rate than split apps.
If true, that would save money, because I could do the second spring app with only fertilizer.

Whats your pre emergent choice, or do you even do pre emergents? What spring -summer grassy weeds are the problem in your area?
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