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Yah, that's basically how we've been doing it for years AGLA. The problem is people just don't have the kind of funds that they used to before the recession. People don't have plenty of ways to "come up with more money". And these days, we lose more jobs because what we designed was higher than they had to spend than for any other reason. We still do land several big jobs every year where people do figure out a way to come up with more money. But those are the exception. Most just don't have any extra money or any other place to get extra money. But they do have $10K or $15K or $20K or more to spend. And if we can design within that budget, or at least near it, we can get the job! And more importantly, not waste so much time spinning our wheels for no reason.

When we come up with a design that at least comes close to their budget, the % of jobs we land is dramatically increased. And while I'd love to press everyone for bigger, better, more.... the reality is most people just don't have more and are already being squeezed everywhere else.
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