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I think its a good idea

Originally Posted by PROCUT1 View Post
Like I said we can pick apart individual things all throughout the story.

If it wasnt 1000 shop it would be something else.

This board is full of guys right now that have a trailer and mowers in their driveway and a dream.

Guys everyday posting that they are quitting their "regular job" and going full time into this.

Guys that have no idea what awaits them.
IDK im not trying to say i would have done anything different because im just trying to start a lawncare company and idk what it takes and i cant imagine what will happen but i think that saving up money to buy a shop is smart ecspecailly if you are making good money in the mean time. I would like more details on your story? I think it is important that people not rag on your story but why not try to find out what went wrong and what could have been done differently. thats why i come on the forum to learn from others mistakes so i dont have to go through them myself
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