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Learning curve

Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
I had similar intentions 6 or so years ago. I wanted to get started in lawn maintenance but kept my hole in the wall job. I even scouted out for customers at one point to see if I could get a few and they were there. I just couldn't drop what I was doing to make a go at it. I finally did it a few years later and now I'm loving it. I'm growing slow but steady. I too have read just about all the threads I felt I needed to read to learn and understand the business aspect. I now have a good grasp on everything and things are getting better each year. If only the other guys that want to get started would just read about what it is they are trying to learn and understand, it would make it a lot easier to read threads. I mean, when the same EXACT question is asked 3 times a week because they're to lazy to take the time to go through the threads and actually LOOK for what they need, it gets old fast.
I have read tons on this site already and its only been maybe a week ive had the account although i read before i started my own account and this site is awesome because everytime i post a question i know its already been asked and most of the time i look for it but either within 4 hours i have 10 replys and i think giving someyone the link to the old thread is the best so they can read throught it
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