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2004 Gravely 152z
2005 Gravely 34z
(2)1970ish Gravely 500 series tractors with many attachments

The 152z is my work horse and has been a rock solid performer.I did install wider tires to help on hillsides.The deck does struggle in real wet conditions but I make it work out by double/triple cutting in those conditions.

The 34z has an awesome cut and that unit I also added wider tires .This mower cuts great in wet conditions but can rut due to it's weight and narrower rear tires.

The 2 older tractors are absolute beasts one is a 12hp and the other is the 8hp Kohler.They are dangerous at times to operate but dead nut reliable and will chew through everything you throw in front of them.LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

I have been real happy with my Gravely's and wanted to purchase a new 36" hydro with the new style steering(not the pistol grip) but just fell into a deal on an almost new exmark 36tthp and bought it a couple weeks ago .I'm really glad to see Gravely is really trying to jump into the mainstream and play with the other big boys . My family has owned Gravely's for 50 years and I hope to pass Gravely down to my son.Keep up the good work guys.
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