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Originally Posted by hdlawn View Post
Help me decide between the following Ferris choices (both are the same price):

A) New old stock (likely 2010 model) IS2000 52" dealer left over (never mowed grass): out the door for xxxx*
Kawasaki FX730V has mulitple HP ratings depending on where you look: 23.5HP to 22.2HP (later most likely correct)
This engine has the external donaldson air filter setup
3 year engine warranty
(FYI: current 2012 KAW engine is a FX801V rated at 25.5HP, the MSRP of this option is 1K higher than the Turf option below)
B) New 2012 IS2000 52" with B&S Commercial Turf 28HP (810cc): out the door for xxxx*
This relatively new engine has the integrated donaldson air filter setup in the cowl
2 year engine warranty
This Briggs is rated at 126% the KAW FX horsepower (+5.8HP)

Expected use around 30 hours/year (yes this is light use), sloping lot with a 25 degree 50' wide hill in the back for an elevation change of 10 feet. I plan/desire to get 20+ years use out of this purchase, will keep on top of all the maintenance myself.

*Price xxxx listed since I don't know the pricing policy on this forum, both are available at the same price which is a little below the MSRP of the turf version out the door (i.e. after tax).

I've looked at 10 brands of zero turn mowers, all have their tradeoffs and commonalities, but the suspension performance of the Ferris IS2000 wins out in my case.
If it was me.... I would get the 2012 IS200Z w/ the KAW engine is a FX801V rated at 25.5HP...(they under rated it... it has more than 29hp)
You would have the ultimate cutting machine....
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