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Sorry to tell you Hustlers do tear up turf with their tires. Over 2000 hrs. on them, so I can tell you from first hand experience. It depends more on the driver, turf, and pivot point of the machine. The trick is to have both rear tires turning at all times, regardless of direction. The problem with this is if you reverse one wheel while the other is going forward, you are performing a zero turn and your not lined up where you want to be for the next run. Often I will go with the three point turn, not unlike what one does on a tractor. The ZTR is still more efficient even when doing these. I think a front mount, such as a Walker, some Grasshoppers and Exmarks, etc. may be less likely to tear the turf do to the pivoting point of the mower, which would be under your thigh area instead of behind you. They have a down side as well though. A lot of booty sticking out back there swinging around, that when not use to can cause damage, maybe not turf, but siding, birdbaths, folage, and so on. I haven't run any new Gravelys yet but have a demo in the works in the next few weeks, before deciding if I should go with it, another Hustler SZ, or a Husky PZ.
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