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I was told the story of a dealer here who decided to get into landscaping and maintence after decades of being just an equipment dealer. Within a few years they not only lost the new biz but it took down the dealership as well. People were getting their tractors back to them in parts, as it closed down suddenly.

A friend of the family had a son-in-law with a big operation. For a few years it was all fun and games (though scary, we were told, due to the seedy types they hired coming by the house needing money from time to time), then within a couple of years...poof...bankrupt.

Easy come, easy go.

No business is easy. This is not the boom years either. There is not a housing bubble pumping up the economy. Unemployment reduces the need for luxury services and those formerly in new construction are now doing maintenance to survive.

I would advise either working small with low capital outlays and minimal debt till the economy is back (could be a decade) or working for someone else and moving into management first before you strike out on your own. You'll learn about how it's done on a big scale and make your mistakes on their dime instead of yours. And it'll at least look good on a resume, unlike a failed lawncare business, worst case.
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