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Way to do where lawn meets street?

Trying to decide the best course of action here. The yard has a bit of a slope from the left to the right (in the picture),
as well as from the house towards the street a little bit. Currently the grass just buts up to this little gulley adjacent to
the street that is about 1' wide. I am putting in a 4' picket fence around the front yard, maybe 4' off the road; I could
go closer or further. Nothing in local codes dictates.

Don't know if I should doe a small 2-3-4 course retaining wall type thing or what. I don't know if I want to do grass up
to the fence, mulch/flowers on the street side. Or do mulch on both sides of the fence out a couple feet. If anyone has
done something similar or could give me ideas on what looks nice, I'd love to see/hear.

Thanks so much.

The water runs off the crowned street into that little gulley there and zips on down the road in front of my yard.
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