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Work for contractors as a laborer in the summers. Understand that your degree and/or your stamp will not get you instant respect (as Dr. NewEarth points out). Most important is to understand that it will take a long time to develop enough experience to know what you do know, what you don't know, and to get comfortable enough in your skin to let people know when you don't know.

I am a Registered Landscape Architect (12 years) and had 17 years in various positions as an adult landscaper before that.

Appreciate and show respect to the contractors and laborers around you who have been doing what they are doing for however long they have been doing it. They do not know what, if anything, you bring to the table. Keep that in the back of your mind. You are an empty suit until you show them otherwise. How you show them is up to you, your skill set, and your personality.
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