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Realized today how much I hate using the cheap personal pace 21". Lesson number 2 of bidding off of google earth. Show up and see there's a fence with the only gate in the ally. So I mow the front then have to load up go to ally, And since its tall I had to bag it. Ended up working harder to use my WB on the front then just doing with the The lil PP only filled the bag half way so it was a every pass kind thing. Ended up with a ton of clippings. Then to boot, I **** you not. At the end of the ally the two telephone poles are so close together I don't think my trailer would fit. So luckily I was able to cut a corner over a side walk and sneak thru a driveway. Under the worst conditions I still made my number so its only gonna be easier next time. Oh and I get back there and see a dog run up and think to myself "if there's a ton of **** in there im dropping this place". Only a few, not a biggie. Guess today wasn't totally shitty.
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