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I definitely understand where you are coming froom AGLA. Don't disagree with much of what you said. And we've won a fair amount of jobs by designing to what the customer wants and then them finding more money. It's just that we've also lost a lot of jobs because we overdesigned. Not fancy. Not Disneyland. We just designed to what they said they wanted but it turned out that they couldn't AFFORD what they wanted. So sometimes people will find the money somehow. But many times people just decide that they can't really afford it and just leave the entire process and use that money for something else.

And I'm not talking about just $10K jobs. We've lost many jobs that were $20K, $30K, etc. price range too. All for the same reason. Just sometimes people have loftier dreams than what they an really afford. So it sucks to keep losing jobs like that.

I just know that we'll land a higher % of jobs we bid if we pay a little more attention to their budget. The problem, until now, has been trying to get that figure out of people. Because they never want to give it up. But this article illustrates really well a technique that works perfectly for doing that.

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Jim. Also liked your FB page.

Don't be afraid to like mine. I'm three short of 300! LOL!

I thought I already had. I know I posted on your wall before. But I went ahead and liked it too. Likes help. But what you really want are LOCAL likes. People in the area you service. Most of my likes are customers or people in the area I service. That's a whole lot better than a bunch of likes outside your area.
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