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I purchased about 2 weeks ago the Pro-24 HWSP to do overgrown residential lawns here in Southern Louisiana.

It cuts high and thick grass as advertised but it is high maintenance. I'm used to working with 21" mowers so the idea of having to actually unbolt the wheels to adjust the height came as an unpleasant shock. It took me about 4 hours figuring out what tools I needed for this and then going to the tools store to buy them $$$.

Today i was cutting a lawn and the drive belt just came off. Besides having to finish the job with all leg power, I was further frustrated by having to remove a stripped nut and bolt to get the belt back on. I have no idea why the belt came off. I hope and pray the belt doesn't come off too often. I have a suspicion it will come off more often than I'd like.

I just bought this machine not even a full 2 weeks ago and it seems that maintenance is outweighing its solution to cutting overgrown grass -although it does cut real thick grass nicely.
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