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People plain not using their brain when applying chemicals is a part of this too. Just because you can does not mean you should do something. I have not seen horrific damage caused by herbicides on st augustine or other warm season grasses. Then again, I use my brain. No applications to starved lawns, dried out lawns or improperly mowed lawns. Also when a product says so much per acre or 1000 sq ft, that does not mean I throw in an arbitrary amount in a 4 gallon backpack. The equipment used to apply is designed to put down fixed volumes per areas covered. I have given out the rates and mixes I used with the warning not to try "spot spraying" them. That mix I gave out for alligator weed is not to be "spot sprayed". I was at a golf course yesterday and was horrified to see the roughs and fairways look like a missile test site. There is no reason for that.
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