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I'm having the same issues as far as gas consumption goes on the Briggs engine. At best, i get 1.5 1/4 acre lots done on a tank of gas.

Right now, I run three Aerators
1- Classen TA-18
1- Ryan V
1- Turfco

I filled up the Turfco twice today and didn't have to put gas in either of my other mowers. Both my Ryan and Classen have Honda Engines in them and have been super reliable. The Turfco is performing well thus far and it's night and day to use over the other too as far as operator fatigue goes. Core wise, it pulls good plugs; however I can't really say that the plugs are much better than my Classen in terms of depth.

Does anyone know if Toro/Exmark is putting the Honda engines in the new Lawn Solutions aerators?

I'm half tempted to return the Turfco and pick up a Lawn Solutions? I know the old green Lawn Solutions units had the Honda Engine as an option.
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