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Originally Posted by AGLA View Post
No. I explained why. I also explained that there are a lot more opportunities in the $10-$15k projects for contractors. I can not get that work because people will not hire me to do it - they just won't dedicate any money out of that limited budget for something other than built work. I can design $5k landscapes. I just can't get anyone to pay me for it.

You need to do what you need to do to land those customers that are out there whether they are $1k or $100k. You mentioned that jobs over that $10-$15k are few, but they are there. When those come along, it might be nice to know another approach that you can use to help yourself land the job. All I'm doing is telling you what I do that works very effectively for those jobs. You can choose to be insulted by that or choose to take from it anything that may be useful. That is up to you.

When prospective customer is describing a landscape that will clearly be over $30k, many don't like the conversation starting with budget. It is a given that they have the money and makes you look like you are all about the money like a kid in a candy shop. Stert with pleasing them on the design. When that is done, price it out. It is a different situation and should be handled differently. That is all I'm suggesting.
I think I deal with a lot of average income households. Many have never had landscape work done so don't realize what it costs. There are many that would be satisfied with what the local lawn boy could do and expect low prices. I would like to believe we are above that level and those are the type of customer that I would like to eliminate or qualify by discussing budget. However, I realize that I have some customers that clearly expect higher levels of detail and quality and I would never even ask budget. On those type you are right. We simply have to give them what they ask for.
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