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Originally Posted by upkeeplawnscape View Post
I was wondering who you guys order your 1 gallon containers from. I dont know how many responses I will get considering I never see any activity on here, but any help would be appreciated. I am going for the cheapest too by the way. Thanks

I am assuming you mean one gallon plants not just the empty containers. Used one gallons container normally go for $ 0.10 each. New ones run $ 0.30 to $ 0.40 each.

If you need a Hundred or more one gallon Plants I can help you. Any thing less isn't profitable for me. I had a Nursery before Hurricane Charlie blew it away and I still have most of my connections. Many growers went out of Business with the Housing slump of 2008. My biggest One Gallon guy in Homestead was shut down by the EPA. He has reopened in an other location, but at 1/10 the production level of the good times.

If you are buying enough stock, you may want to check on a Wholesale Plant Dealers License. The closest Regional Ag licensing office to you is in Punta Gorda at the Corner of Marion & Bal Harbor. BTW there are only 5 or 6 offices for the whole state. You might also want to buy a subscription to BedRock.


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