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Originally Posted by lazor-cut View Post
I dont post on here often but after reading the last few post i feel this might be beneficial to someone.

A while ago i ran into one of Torre & Bruglio's old mechanics. He told me this: "DOT will never stop looking for a reason to pull you over because thats how they get paid. So stop giving them a reason to pull you over! Check your (STUFF) before it leaves the yard DAILY. And Fix any problems before they have to tell you. Because 9 times outta' 10, you KNOW what they are pulling you over for before they even step foot out the car."

To this day we check the trucks before they leave. All Lights, Break aways, etc.
Lets be real United runs 43+ Enclosed trailers... They clearly have their advantages over open trailers.
If the U boys got pulled over I am sure they would find something. They have trailers forsale at road side that have holes in the side walls. Those trailers where used and in service??
Nothing is perfect. All you need is one of the mexies to forget something. They invent things to write up, it is way out of control. They will not let you leave until they make some $$$
We need a dedicate thread to doctument how the dot/weight masters are profiling the green industry!!!!!!!!!
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