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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
I have told my customers that I do not work on Holidays and Sundays, they not only have no problem with my decision I suspect they in turn have more respect for my services rendered and regards for their neighbors as well. I would never have any customer dictate to me how I was to work much less have 10 customers contact me to make sure I was going to mow their lawn, regardless how far behind I was. Nice to know I work for myself and that my customers will never have me as well trained as some I have read about.
easy-lift guy
the way I see it, I work for them.

they are the one hiring me and writing a check to me.

it's not really them dictating when I work. most clients know I work any day of the week if I'm behind. that includes Sundays and holidays. it's more of them checking to make sure I'm coming since it is Easter and some do take it off.

I'm gonna assume my clients feel the same way I do towards there neighbors and aren't concerned what they think. I have to make a living. I don't live in some small town where everything shuts down. people still work. lots of home owners can be seen doing there own yard work. almost nothing shuts down due to Easter. shopping centers and restaurants are still open.
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