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I don't understand people. I worked today, but out of respect I didn't run any equipment, I did some bed edging and cultivating and even used a broom so I wouldn't disturb people who do take it as a religious holiday.

But I am not religious so its just another day to me. I guess the one house was having some family over and one guy shows up and said " Jesus isn't going to be happy with you" I didn't really say anything I was pretty shocked actually, I mean for one he was holding a Tims coffee....what about those people working?!? did he get mad at them for serving his coffee....doubt it. And judging by the plates on his truck we probably had to drive 2 hours to get here so is he going to say some snarky comment to the gas attendant who fills up his car?

Yes I could have waited till next week to service the property but it was a beautiful day, I spend Good Friday with my family and I wasn't about to waste a lovely day sitting in front of the tv or my computer.

Rant over.... I guess to answer your poll...No cutting today. haha
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