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Originally Posted by upkeeplawnscape View Post
Thanks Ric and Easy lift..I was looking to order about 100 pots only. The plant material I can supply myself. Thought that I would make a go of propagating some of my more popular materials. I already have a wholesale only nursery up here that I deal with,and they have been charging a 5 cent deposit so I cant buy any from them. I guess if I can find the 10c a pot deal for used then I would do that.
Easy lift, you have a few good nurseries for wholesale down in the Ft. Myers area that I have often thought of shooting down there to pick up a few hundred dollars worth of material. D. Johnson Nursery in Flagler Beach?

Yes $ 0.05 is what I paid landscapers for one gallon pots and then hauled them back to the grower for a $ 0.10 credit off my next purchase.

I used 1/2 inch tub grinding from the local horticulture recycling dump. 1/2 drain where the 3/8 tub grinding are too fine. But the big trick is to have a mist house. It doesn't have to be fancy. The timer is the most expensive thing. A good water filter is nice to have so you don't spend too much time cleaning misters nozzles. I like about a 40% shade cloth. I found Cloning is the best method and gives a real jump start over Seed. Of course a good DNA mother plant is most important.

I also suggest specializing in one variety to start with. Of course you may want to try several and stick with the ones you have the most success with. By using one gallons you skip the Labor of Liner trays but take up more room in the Mist House. Mann Rivera on the East coast had one of the largest cloning operations and he went straight into One gallons, Of course he also had huge mist houses as in many and big.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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