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Originally Posted by CLARK LAWN View Post
Whipple, if that is really all you can make then why would you put yourself through the stress of owning a biz? You could go work ar Micky d's and make that much. That's only $600 a week or so. I can do that solo in a day and a half.
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Ya, this industry is a joke here. 16 cuts a year. I used to do a lot of power raking and aerating but now like every other LCO around has them too so they are doing it unreal cheap. Most homeowners here won't even consider hiring out for mowing so much of the income used to be from the turf renovations but those are going away too. The only way a guy can survive in the winter here is to sell like a 100 cords of wood. I truly think this is the year I'm going to get my CDL back that I let go a few years ago and get another trucking job. If you can make $600 in 1.5 days good on ya but around here thats like not even possible.
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